Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chaos, continued...

Phloyd! Phloyd! He's our MAN! w00t! What a kick-adze Tour de France that was - there wasn't a clear overall favorite until the last time trial, the day before the last. With Lance and his squadron, it wasn't so much a question of who would win as it was a question of how they'd do it, and by how much. That certainly had entertainment value, but it was sort of like watching Mike Tyson clobber some poor schmoe who had the temerity to get into HIS boxing ring. Watching Floyd collapse and then pull off a Merckxian attack was just inspiring. The fact that he did it with a gimpy hip added that perfect "overcoming adversity" aspect that American sports figures have to have, and it's real adversity, not the NBA player's horror of not being able to find 26" chrome wheels for his third Escalade.

Well, inspired or not, I took a whole week off after the Tour de Allegan County (aka the Holland Hundred), and my legs actually appreciated it. We had a nice JDRF team ride and pool party on Sunday the 23rd, and I was pretty comfortable riding a total of about 65 miles between the optional/extra ride from Holland to Pullman and the actual 40 mile team ride. No hardcore points for me, though, as I skipped the ride back to Holland in favor of a nice air-conditioned car ride home. The pool party part of the day was truly delightful, with a heap o' kids, burgers and brats, chips and salsa, and brownies and oreo/ice cream pie. Nummy.

Monday I came home with eight boxes of self-adhesive vinyl floor tile. Hooray for half-price sales at the Home Despot!

Tuesday (yesterday) I tucked in a nice 33 mile ride from work, and included a stop at a co-worker's house to see her kitchen, which was done by the same guy who's doing ours. It's verr' niice. Said contractor today relieved us of our washer and dryer, so the next loads of stinky bike clothes will have to be done by hand or at the local laundromat. Kirsten's updating the pictures pretty much daily, so check in there to see the emergence of a real, useful, modern kitchen. Which will eventually have cabinets.

Back to work for me...


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