Sunday, June 11, 2006

Musta been a boy bee

I skipped out on riding Saturday, preferring to work on cleaning Dane's room in advance of his cousin visiting us. What fun, vaccuming carpet that the boy has impregnated with crayons and various cats have whizzed upon.

Sunday, though, was a really nice team ride on the Musketawa Trail, starting in Marne. A bunch of us did the whole thing, 51 miles or so for the whole ride to Muskegon and back. The trail is just as pretty, straight, and boring as ever. The highlight of excitement was a bee getting fresh with Stacey. No stinging, just, y'know, nestling. After the ride we stuffed out on chips, salsa, and the like.

With two 5ish year old boys in the house, I don't know how much riding I'll get in this week. Gotta do the Thursday ride, though.


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