Saturday, June 10, 2006

More fun with pacelines

An easy 20ish on Tuesday let my legs get a last bit of recovery in after last week's Rock N' Road ride, so I could do it again on Thursday. I got my 'puter reset properly before riding out, so have 40.5 miles as the accurate distance, and one hour fifty-six minutes and change as the accurate time. Again it was a pretty big group, maybe not quite the size of last week, but still plenty. The pace heading South was pretty spicy, in the 25+ range quite a bit, and we ended up stringing out into a couple of groups. We did regroup after turning inland, but splintered again as we rode North. Rolling back into GH was a relief!

One of the guys had a video camera mounted on his handlebars - hopefully he'll be able to post that online somewhere...


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