Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Danga fragga wugga daga dooga!

So, it's the last chance to ride in nice weather for at least a few days - we'll be getting some much-needed rain, but much cooler weather is coming with it. So I head out, figuring I'll do 20-25 miles. After about 13, I feel the rear end getting sort of squirrely, a sure sign of decreasing air pressure. So I stop and shoot in a CO2 cartridge, which was really pretty silly since shooting air into a tube that's clearly if slowly losing air is an exercise in futility. Anyway, I hear ffffffffff, and so I swap the tube successfully - it holds air just fine. And I am now out of CO2.

And, naturally, whooping happily down a hill, I let my attention wander for a moment, peg a rock, and the rear goes almost instantly flat. I have no more tubes, no more way to fill the tubes I don't have, and I didn't bring my good luck talisman. Y'know, the one that says Verizon Wireless on it? Ghaaaa.

So, in spandex and a Herman Miller jersey, I have to seek the kindness of strangers. Fortunately, the strangers were kind, although think I rather startled a teenage girl. Who expects to see a garish ape at their door? They had a proper friendly dog who flopped against my legs at the slightest hint of my scritching her head, and they didn't mind my hanging out until Kirsten came to my rescue.

I have a perfect pinch flat - two parallel slits each about 3/16" long, about 1/4" apart. As hard as I hit the rock or whatever, I was worried about the rim, but it appears to be fine. I'll double check it before I ride it again, but I'm further impressed by how strong these wheels are...


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Kirsten said...

Whatever would you do without me?!




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