Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's STILL spring!

'cuz, y'know, sometimes spring doesn't "take" around here, and we drop back into winter.

Anyway, I did about 12 miles on Thursday, got rained on a skoosh, and went out to the end of the pier. A short ride, but good for keeping the legs in touch with their intended purpose.

Today, I rode over to my folks place and met up with one of their neighbor's kids. He's set a goal for himself of riding 30 miles (actually, of riding to Montague for breakfast), and he's wanting someone to ride with once in a while. I'm always up for introducing a kid to my personal addiction, so he and I did about 9 miles together before I headed back home. I guess I finished with about 38 miles, not too shabby for this time of year. I also managed to get a bit of a sunburn on the tops of my thighs - ah, the sun.

Still on the hybrid, though - it's not a disagreeable bike, and I don't mind riding it. For rides where I might hit dirt (or worse - some of the paved roads around here are truly wretched), it's pretty ideal. The front brakes howl annoyingly, but that should be easy enough to adjust away. I might consider some funky randonee or butterfly handlebars for it, to gain some more variety in hand positions.

I'll credit myself with 70 miles for the week - not too bad. As long as the weather holds, I should be able to continue with that kind of mileage pretty easily.

Easter tomorrow, so we're pigging out at a buffet at the Double J ranch. So much for the last few good weigh-ins...


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