Thursday, May 04, 2006

A few days in review

Stupid work is too stupid busy for me to update this thing regularly! Arrgh!

Anyway, I did another rainy 24 mile ride with the JDRF group on Sunday. Among the riders is the general manager of one of the area PBS/NPR stations, affiliated with Grand Valley State University. Cool. Now, if we can just get our CEO to come out and play with us!

I tried taking the hybrid along on our truck rack, which worked fine- almost. For 50 miles, at highway speed, it was dandy, but pulling into the parking lot where we were congregating before the ride, crash! And suddenly there was no bike in my rear-view mirror! Well, the bike was mostly unscathed - both wheels were a bit wobbly, with the rear being bad enough that I had to release the rear brake, but there wasn't any frame damage or bent components. Stupid rack! Henceforth, it's relegated to being used as a back-of-the-car repair stand, never again to be trusted with actual transit. I put my mad Park Tool School skillz to use and re-straightened the wheels over the last couple of days, so the bike's all nice and smooth again.

And yesterday, the 3rd, I did a nice 34 miles south of town, following my new "standard" route until I managed to catch up with a group of women who were riding Northwards, among them fellow JDRF rider Peggy. I rode with them for a couple of miles before turning for home.

I'm jonesing to get out on Ruby, big time. The hybrid is OK, but easy speed beckons with its crooked finger...


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