Monday, April 17, 2006

Google knows all...

Or at least that I did between 15 and 16 miles, via the Gmap Pedometer ( It seems to have become popular - it now has a real URL and is apparently on a dedicated server. I suppose I should get a basic computer for the hybrid, since I'm riding it a few times a week now. It's a good bike for exploring back roads.

The food at the Double J ranch Easter Buffet was excellent, for the most part right up there with the Holland Country Club Mother's Day buffets (only less WASP-y), so without a doubt we'll be back there. Tomorrow is one of our fabled Options Birthday Lunches, where 25 people each bring enough food for 25 people. At the rate I'm going, I'll reach my "ride Ruby" weight goal only if there's a Star Trekkish tear in the fabric of space time and I go back to about 1992. Ah well, it's only April, and my legs feel pretty good.



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