Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day weekend rides...

BAM! Summer! Hot! Sweat!

I did not quite 46 miles Saturday in a nice loop from home, out Old Channel Trail to the lake, North on back roads to Stony Lake, East and then back South on more back roads, and then picking up the bike trail in Rothbury and taking that home. It's my longest ride of the year so far, and felt pretty comfortable. I had to stop and wring out the padding in my helmet a couple of times, and I was getting the dregs out of my water bottles at the end - summer weather is definitely here.

Sunday was a JDRF team ride from Ada Park, with maybe 10 people. The high-reading thermometer on my bike computer was reading 97 to 105 degrees for the whole of the 26+ miles. Even if the thing reads 10 degrees high, that's hot enough to take it easy.

Sunday morning was the riding highlight of the weekend, though; Dane and I rode about 2 miles on the newly-paved portion of the trail between Old Channel Trail and Cook street. He rode his little dirt bike with the training wheels, and I rode my mountain bike. Cool.



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