Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A brief break in the rain

33 miles, from home to Twin Lake, with a few enjoyable hills.

We had a cold front followed by 5 days of rain and cold and wind and yech. Yesterday was at last decent, so I left work early and did a nice ride. Ruby has a new tube and I have a new combo CO2 shooter/micro-pump. I'd hate to have to try to get up to even 100 psi with the micro-pump alone, but I can use it to get partway there and then hit the rest with CO2. And Kirsten brought home a 25 pack of cheap CO2 carts intended for BB guns.

Today, another cold front is looming, it's raining again, and the yech is back. And the lawn is on the verge of acquiring weapons of mass destruction, it's gone so long with rain and no mowing. Sunday looks like the next definitely-rideable day, and there's a fun ride down at Velo City which I may do.


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