Thursday, May 25, 2006

Da week in da hind view...

Tuesday I headed out intending to do 30ish, but stopped over at a friends house and ended up chatting for an hour or so. By that time it was getting chilly, so I cut it to 18 and change. I also crossed paths with the every-other-Tuesday time trialers from the West Michigan Coast Riders club on Michellinda. Looks uncomfortable, and I don't think my gut will allow that kind of position for more than a few minutes.

Thursday (dat be today) I hooked up with the regular ride group from Rock N' Road in Grand Haven. The average pace for the "B" group seemed a little spicy by description, so I rode off with the four other folks in the "C" group. Well, C ended up slower than I'd hoped, and another guy and I ended up pacing each other for 20 of the 31 miles we did, comfortably cruising at 21 to 24 on the flats between Holland and GH. Next week we both agreed to take off with the Killer B's; they typically average about 20 for a 40 mile ride. I might get dropped, but hey, better that than being bored. That was a bigger group anyway, so the paceline should be longer and steadier.


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