Sunday, June 04, 2006

First Cinnamon Roll

The weekend in review:

Saturday I headed North, with tired legs and a noticeable headwind. I chugged along the lakeshore to Stony Lake, then continued up along Scenic Drive to Silver Lake for my first cinnamon roll of the year. Nummy! After ingesting that (gotta keep the energy up, you know) I went inland to Mears and picked up the bike trail for the ride home, for a nice long day of 53 miles. And then I mowed the dumb lawn.

Sunday was a JDRF ride, which turned out to be a pretty hilly 28 miles from Ada Park. Other than a few rather brutish hills it was pretty relaxed, which was about all the effort I could manage anyway. I'm looking forward to a few days of relaxed riding at most; I figure Thursday will be my next major ride, though I'm planning on riding again on Tuesday with the woman from work.

Outside of riding, life is entirely too busy. Kirsten is running three to five days a week, we're working ten hour days at Uncle Herman's House of Specials, we have yardwork that's been sitting for a week waiting for the right combination of weather and "free" time, and who knows what else. Criminey!


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