Friday, June 02, 2006


Tuesday was a relaxed day - rode for about 10 miles with another Herman Miller person, who is planning to do one of the shorter distances in the Holland Hundred. I puttered around a bit more after than and totalled 19 or so.

Thursday was with the Rock N' Road group again, this time with Group B. The weather was almost perfect - maybe 70ยบ and completely clear, with low humidity - and the turnout was great, with a good couple dozen guys in the B line. What a treat it is to ride in that size group! As we got south of Grand Haven, I was wondering when we'd amp up the pace, then looked down to see that we were already there at 23+! Even at that speed, in the middle and back of the line we were feathering our brakes to keep from riding into the person ahead. We rolled down Lakeshore Drive all the way to Quincy street, then turned inland.

Quincy turned out to be the intermediate sprint street, as the leader pulled us up to almost 30 before peeling off. I was third in line, and we slowed to maybe 27 before three guys went shooting by, evidently gunning for the next stop sign. I got all caught up and tried to give chase, getting up over 33 before letting up. It was silly, totally unnecessary, and utterly entertaining. Mercifully, we relaxed for the next mile or so before the pace ramped back up to a steady 22-23.

I did a couple of good pulls, the second one being a bit too long - after I peeled off and the group passed me by, I couldn't quite reconnect. Fortunately, we were almost back to Grand Haven by then, and I caught back up shortly after we crossed Robbins Road. I had started my computer late, so my numbers aren't completely accurate, but for 38.6 miles we averaged 20.8. The full distance is probably between 40.5 and 41, and the extra distance was loafing through town, but I expect the total ride average was still over 20. That was too much fun!


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