Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gotta catch up a bit

Man, I'm gettin' neglectful. I think I've got a decent excuse, though; we had Dane's cousin and my mother-in-law staying with us last week. With five people in our one-bathroom house, and two of them being smart, independant, stubborn roughly-5-year-olds, I think I can be forgiven for being distracted. They took the slow boat back to Wisconsin yesterday morning, although I'm beginning to suspect that they left behind a virus or two.

Anyway, on the 13th I got out and did 30 miles at a relaxed pace, as much to escape the house as to ride.

Thursday the 15th was the regular paceline ride, only more so - we had the addition of a skinny guy on a hoighty-toighty Bianchi, with legs to back up both the hoight and the toight. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to grasp the concepts of "B" or "group" and so pulled us up to 26 to 27 any time he got to the front. I ended up a quarter mile behind the pack after 15 miles, but as I saw them turning left, I noted that skinny guy continuing on straight. Apparently he got far enough ahead that he didn't hear the "left turn" hollering behind him. So, the pace moderated, and I was able to catch up. Once I settled in and started to feel better, it was a nice ride. My final average, including the loafy bits in Grand Haven, was 21.1 mph. Zoom zoom.

Saturday the 16th was nice and warm and breezy; I did a good 46 miles south of Whitehall, exploring some roads in North Muskegon. Without the exploring, it would still be a pretty nice 43ish mile route, one that I'll have to try to remember.

Tuesday I packed my bike up, brought clothes, and just couldn't bring myself to ride. Gotta catch up on sleep, and hopefully preemptively fight off the coughing that I'm starting to develop. Ghaa, kids.



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