Sunday, July 09, 2006


44 and a half or so on Saturday with the JDRF team, including another bee-in-the-chest episode for Stacey; this bee was less happy about the encounter, and stung her. We'll have to come up with some sort of insect deflector for our executive director.

The riding hightlight of the weekend, though, was Dane's first ride on the trailer-bike today. He's just barely big enough for it, but with the handlebars way back and the seat all the way down he can pedal comfortably, so we did maybe as much as 10 miles, enough to make his tuckus sore. He's got little bike shorts (not little enough, though; they're baggy on his skinny legs and butt), tiny gloves, and a real jersey complete with three pockets in the back. A typical conversation:

d: "I'm going to win the gold jersey when I grow up!"

D: "You mean the Yellow Jersey?"

d: "Yeah, I'm gonna go so fast!"

D: "Are you going to be a sprinter? The fastest sprinter gets a Green Jersey."

d: "Like Robbie McEwen!" (yeah, my kid knows who Robbie McEwen is)

D: "Maybe you want to climb mountains and get a Polka-Dot Jersey!"

d: "No, I want a blue jersey."

D: "I don't think they have a blue jersey."

d: "Well, I want a pink jersey, then."

D: "You'll have to ride in the Giro d'Italia to get a pink jersey."

d: "Yeah, I'm going to ride in the Giro d'Gublia!"

D: (Tries to stay upright laughing)

That's my kid, in the Maglia Rosa, in the 2026 Giro d'Gublia...


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

Hey Derek, saw you in the Holland 100 yesterday. We were the ones who yelled at you from the maroon Camry. How did you finish?


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