Friday, August 04, 2006

Who's got time to bike?

Yoink! What a week. First my man Floyd goes from Hero to alleged Zero, prompting a day of honest sadness and naval-gazing. Seriously, I was totally mourning. Then I start in on building cabinets. Then Wife Unit Alpha jets off for an extended Girls Weekend in Los Angeles. Then more cabinets, and sawdust, and sanding, and shellacing, and sanding, and sawing, and gluing and screwing. Yarg.

So, Flandis. What's up with that? I'm all about giving someone the benefit of the doubt, and I see plenty of reasons to doubt: taking testosterone during the Tour is stupid, as it won't improve your performance; alcohol intake and hard effort both raise testosterone level;, the lab that did the tests has ties to l'Equipe, which may be the most anti-american publication outside of one of Uncle Osama's screeds; blah blah blah blah. But the rumors that his T/E ratio was 11:1, when normal is roughly 1:1 and the threshold of naughtiness is 4:1, are getting stronger and more credible. Also becoming more credible is that there was synthetic testosterone detected. So the extraordinary claim here is not "he cheated," it's "no I didn't." Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Burden's on you, Mr. Landis.

Cabinets - fun. Hard work. Messy. I get to buy tools. Yay! The kitchen will be done Monday or Tuesday. In this case, "done" means it's drywalled, taped, sanded, and the trim is mostly in place; I have to primer paint a couple of coats, finish paint a couple of coats, put down underlayment, level and prime said underlayment, put down flooring, re-install laundry labor-saving devices, and BUILD THE FREAKING CABINETS. I've lost my mind. Who builds their own cabinets, other than a cabinetmaker? Call the men in white suits. They can haul me away, if they sand a sheet of plywood first.

LA - I don't wanna go there. Someone in California stole my tricycle when I lived there at about age 4. I hold a grudge against the whole population of the state. They all look like they're hiding something. But my wife has internet friends out there, so she's off making fun of the beautiful people.

And I managed to fit in a 30 mile ride somewhere in there. I don't even remember what day it was.